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Elisabeth’s Wild Garden is a design inspired by the wild garden around Pine Ridge Studio. It features such flowers as Pansies, Trilliums, Ladyslippers, or Sunflowers as well as leaves, vegetables, fruits and so on.

Most pieces are finished with colour-coordinated rims and handles. Shapes are deceptively simple with straight sides and elegant handles and knobs. Flat dishes such as vegetable dishes are either oblong, with rounded edges and ‘wave’ handles, or free-wall with straight sides and random edge effects.

Elisabeth’s Wild Garden is porcelain.

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elisabeth's wild garden  

Autumn Plates

Autumn Spoonjar

Ferns Tray

Iris Teaset

Iris Tray

Ladyslipper Platter

Pansy Plate

Pansy Platter

Peaches Tray

Pine Casserole

Spring Tray

Sunflower Butterdish

Trillum Tray

Tulips Tiles

Tulips Milkjug


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