Sadly, due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, all Pine Ridge events are cancelled until further notice. Hopefully, if we all work hard at maintaining social distancing, the situation will improve by early or mid-summer, and we will be able to get back to our usual busy schedule.

Pine Ridge Studio is hoping to be at the Carp Farmers’ Market again once it is able to open later this year. For now the Market is closed, although it may open in a limited way for food-only shopping in May. Once the Market can open normally again, Pine Ridge Studio will be at its usual spot inside the Market Building, right at the bottom of the ramp. Red Fox, Bird, Sheep and Maple Leaves pottery will be available again, as well as designs such as Pansies or Sunflowers during their seasons.

Until then, Pine Ridge pottery can be ordered online. Please send me an email (use the Contact Us button) and we can discuss what it is you would like, and arrange payment and delivery.

Stay your distance, and Stay Well!