What is Pine Ridge? Well, it's either a home and a garden and a pottery studio, or it's about 30 acres of never-cleared land situated on the Carp Ridge! It seems a bit pretentious to give it a name, I know, but it's easier than always referring to it by a description. The name came about because, years ago, when I went to open a bank account for my new business, the teller at the bank asked me for the name of my business. My mind went blank. I had thought about a lot of things, but not a name! So I thought about the piece of land which my husband and I had just bought and the large White Pines there, and said, 'Um, uh, uh.... Pine Ridge'. And Pine Ridge it has been ever since.

How do you make a piece of land into a home, garden and studio? Well, first you make a clearing somewhere roughly in the middle. Then you add a house and a studio building.

Put everything you need for a one-person artist potter into the Studio. Move in, hang a Welcome sign, and make pottery.

Of course, it's not quite that simple. 

Over the past 20 years, I've added gardens all around the buildings, put in trails through the woods, developed an extensive collection of ferns, introduced a few annual events and made masses of pottery, all of it inspired by the natural world around me.

Oh, and in 2017, sweet Rosie joined the team. Here she is making sure I am following her over this large log.

Rosie and I welcome visitors, but do please contact us first to arrange a time. With all the things going on at Pine Ridge, we are in and out quite a bit!